Nanoscale Science & Technology Research Group

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

Nanoscale Science & Technology (NST) research group, led by Professor Md. Kawsar Alam is interested in both the aspects of nanotechnology: Top-Down and Bottom-Up approaches. In one hand, we explore current commercial trends of nanoscale methods/ technologies and research on the devices compatible with existing technologies. On the other hand, We work on structures, methods and devices that are not yet available commercially, but may be the future of nanotechnology. We also work on analytical/ empirical/ semi-empirical/ compact modeling techniques of different devices to reduce huge memory and time requirement associated with numerical simulations and to improve computational efficiency as well as understanding of physical phenomena of such devices. We are equipped with in-house 1D/2D/3D device simulators, widely used open-source molecular level device simulation software as well as some commercial software through our collaborators.We also have access to standard High-Performance-Computing (HPC) facility to run our large-scale simulation works.

Research Areas


Nanoscale Device

Modeling and Simulation, Neuromorphic Computing Devices


Ab-initio Simulation

Hartree-Fock, DFT, quantum MD Simulations


Moelcular Dynamics

Molecular Dynamics Study to Verify Materials Stability


NEMS Design

Nanomotor, Nanoscroll, Nanosensor etc.


Photovoltaic Devices

Organic, Perovskite, Kesterite Solar cells


Materials Science

1D, 2D Materials, Topological Insulators